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About Us

Planet Over Profit Apparel is a sustainable hemp clothing brand that is making sustainability and hemp a regular, and intricate part of fashion. Apart from promoting ethical and sustainable fashion, we also advocate for change in all areas of injustice. We believe strongly that a business has an obligation to work under the principle of placing the entire planets needs over corporate greed. 

Why do we need sustainability?

Fast fashion culture has sky rocketed fashion manufacturing to the 2nd most contributor to global pollution, just behind big oil and animal agriculture! 

Synthetic fibers from clothing and other materials are devastating our ecosystems and polluting all waterways. 

Why Hemp?

"Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop, and most everything that you can make with cotton or soy or corn can be made with hemp- with way less impact on the earth" - Forbes

It is all natural, chemical and pesticide free! There are countless ways to utilize hemp, and has been used for thousands of years! 

Hemp takes in more Co2 than trees and replenishes soil, rather than depleting it such as cotton. 

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, UV protected, and lasts longer than traditional cotton or synthetic blends. 

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Thanks for shopping sustainably!

Misty Woodland

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